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Jai Indira agro with years of experience and as leading manufacturer and supplier of shredders to all region with quality and standard. Main concentration is to avoid harmful fertilizers which may harm soil and reduce chemical pesticide in fields. With various types and models of shredders it will be cost effective and time consuming for the users. Wide range of shredders available at high quality moderated steel blades with various sizes and at required capacity form.

Massive Shredder


Being world start running behind eco friendly energy production. Bio mass electric plants came into existence. The trouble of shredding wood logs and local organic fuel are made easy by our massive shredder and pulverisor. It is powered by 45 hp electric motors or more. we shred logs or wastes into 10 mm or less dust particles that can be used to manufacture firewood or can be directly used into furnaces or other apt applications.

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Three point linkage model

  • 6 blades
  • 50 pulverizer blades
  • Weight:500kg
  • Output: 2 Tonn/hr
  • Bearing & shaft: 52 mm
  • Fuel: 3l/hr
  • 6 chopping blades
  • maximum feeding = output One inch or more piece
  • 6 blades
  • 100 pulverizer blades
  • Weight:800kg
  • Output: 2 Tonn
  • Bearing & shaft: 75 mm
  • Fuel:3.25l/hr

Trolly model

  • 6 blades
  • 150 pulverizer blades
  • Weight:1000kg
  • Output:1 tonn
  • Bearing & shaft: 90mm
  • Fuel : 3.5l/hr
  • 6 blades
  • 150 pulverizer blades
  • Weight:1100kg
  • Output: 1 Tonn
  • Bearing & shaft: 90 mm
  • Fuel: 3.51/hr

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Manageable Wastes

  • Tree Wastes Wastes
  • Shells Wastes
  • Leaves Wastes
  • Chicken wastes Wastes
  • Fish wastes Wastes



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